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2010-06-05 18:35:33 by Unknowni

Well, about that Metroid RPG, we kinda scrapped it...

But now we're working on an even better Flash game, me and Luminetime! I'll just give you some sneak peeks:

1. Its a shooter game
2. It involves a Naruto character, a Mario character, a Sonic character and a Megaman character
3. We aren't very far into it yet

If you weren't satisfied with Luminetime's "The Tails of Sir Robin", DON'T BLAME ME! I told him not to do it after he e-mailed me about it, but NO!!! He had to make the worst Flash on NG!

And yet ANOTHER update!
I am about to make a 6-episode series about a Koopa called "Koopa Adventures". Don't be expecting the first episode for a LONG time


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